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 16 October 2019
Song for VanDyke
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    Song for VanDyke is about Katie's experience as a volunteer foster parent for her first guide dog puppy, VanDyke - a toasted marshmellow colored male Labrador Retriever.

    While Katie had recorded other vocal tracks, it wasn't until the day she received notice that VanDyke would be officially graduating that Katie re-sung both the vocal lead and harmony tracks which you hear in this final production.

Thank You Links
    A BIG Thank You to Ethan Winer who's musical talents can be heard twinkling on the strings of the lead guitar, rythym guitar and cello tracks. Ethan was also instrumental shaping the final mix (and yes, pun slightly intended).

Song Lyrics
    Song for VanDyke
    Copyright 2006
    By Katie Petreycik

    Verse: When I said good-bye to you
    I could feel my heart break in two,
    But I knew you could go on to do great things.

    Verse: 'Cause you were meant for a special life,
    To guide someone who needs your sight
    And show the way to possibilities.

    Chorus: Guiding Eyes, through a starry night,
    Guiding Eyes, 'neath the warm sunlight,
    Guiding Eyes, through the ups and downs we share
    You are an answer to a prayer

    Verse: You were such a gift to raise.
    We gave you love and lots of praise.
    But you gave us so much more in return.

    Verse: We had a strong and loving bond,
    And it still lives, though you moved on,
    And in letting go, there is so much we've learned.

    Chorus: Guiding Eyes, through a starry night,
    Guiding Eyes, 'neath the warm sunlight,
    Guiding Eyes, through the ups and downs we share
    You are an answer to a prayer

    Bridge: You're a true companion.
    You're a wise and trusting friend.
    You are a champion.
    You're a leeader 'round each bend.

    Chorus: Guiding Eyes, through a starry night,
    Guiding Eyes, 'neath the warm sunlight,
    Guiding Eyes, through the ups and downs we share
    You are an answer to a prayer
    Yes, you are an answer to a prayer.   top

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Listener Comments: Song for VanDyke
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Andrea, Truman and Enrico
Katie and Chuck! I just listened to Song for VanDyke and can hardly type this through the tears. How beautiful! Have you approached anyone at GEB about letting you sing/play it on Saturday? I hope they say yes. It will be such a beautiful gift for his new partner. Congratulations again on the wonderful job that you did loving your yellow boy and giving him the best start possible! You should all be so proud!
Sarah Bugger
Katie – That was so beautiful! ... Congrats on your boy again J
Joan, Cutlass and James
WOW, that is just wonderful. I didn't know that Katie sang or was so talented... Congratulations to you both for the wonderful job you did in raising him.
Janet Sommerville
Hi Katie, I heard that graduation went great and there wasn't a dry eye in the house ...
Tracy Benham
Katie, ... It was so beautiful! Gregg wants you to come and perform here - we didn't know you had such a great voice! (And both Gregg and I agree about the picture - definitely an album, I mean CD cover shot!) Can I send your note about your web-site so everyone can check it out?
Gregg Dancho
Hey, Long time no see! OMG what a great song, both the lyrics and the singer! I'm not even going to mention the photo on the website! We should get you to sing up here, it would be great. Congrats on such a good job with VanDyke you should be proud.
WOW. It kept cutting in and out, but the song was still so much better than half the songs I hear on the radio. Also very moving ...
I loved the VanDyke song. It's beautiful. The actual dog is probably pretty cool too. What a nice thing to do. I know going into it you were aware the dog was going to a partner so that tempered the giving away part ... but wasn't it hard to say goodbye to the pup??? ... my compliments on the music and vocals.
Sue Brooks
Katie, Finally had a chance to listen to VanDyke's song. Brought tears to my eyes ... it's so beautiful. And you have the voice of an angel.
Suzanne Vick
Hey Katie ... I just listened to your song for VanDyke, and I think it's beautiful. Your voice reminds me of Mary Chapin Carpenter ... Your harmonies are AMAZING! They really make the song that much richer. Who is this Ethan cat you worked on with the song? I have some tunes that ... I'd love to work with someone on fleshing a couple of tunes out...
Greg Olinyk
Katie's gentle song brought a tear to my eyes. You two have been blessed with such talent. I'm glad to know you.
Donna Conroy
I was listening to Katie's song and love it very much. It brought tears to my eyes to know that your dog graduated and will help other people to walk with guide dog ...
Katie Daily
Wow! I love the rest of the story, and your website is really great. The "Song for VanDyke" is a wonderfully loving tribute, and what a ridiculously adorable puppy. That's amazing. On a side note, the Christmas Song is excellent as well.
Linda Damato
Hi Katie - Just heard your song for Van Dyke and it's simply pure and filled with the spirit of all of our wonderful Puppy Raisers. Thank you for such a gift! Linda
Nice melody, vocal and performance is top notch as always. What I like is the gentle sentiment here. Words of heart felt emotion in a mixed up world seeing is believing and believing that a dog can help get you there is cool... so is this song... thanks for sharing.
Marjorie Jones , Olay And Bev
I love this song ! This captures so much of the heart . Guding Eyes for the Blind Puppy Raising is such a joyous experience ! The bit of sadness we experience in letting go is overcome with so much pride and excitement knowing what prayers are about to be answered for someone who will receive this remarkable dog . The beauty of watching these incredible dogs blossom into as you say in your song ,"Champions and Leaders around each bend " , is a life changing experience . Thank you to all involved in creating this song . God Bless You .
What a lovely and beautiful tribute to VanDyke and your service in training him to be eyes for someone who cannot see! [LF]I commend you on your song and the work you do to help others so selflessly! Bless you![LF]
Graduation from Guiding eyes for the blind, July 2007's class wasn't finished until we all heard "Song for Van Dike". It was wonderful. Meeting our guide dogs and puppy raisers sure hit home for me. Kate you have a wonderful voice and write such wonderful music. I truely wish that you were my puppy raiser but hey things happen for a reason. I'm sure that the owner that has Van Dike is truly blessed. Are you still a puppy raise?[LF]
Your music is fantastic, you are a very talented bunch.[LF]I have a couple of country sounding songs that i feel would be equally as liberating as yours the only problem is i dont no he first thing about moving them!! I was hoping you would have some advice for me? at all, thankyou kindly tammie'lee
M. Jones And Miss Bevy
Congratulations on the song in the video ! Yes, It still tears me up just a wee bit :) and makles me smile so big!!! MIss you guys LOve Marge and Bevy
Kathleen Cole
I love the song, and after meeting VanDyke I can understand the feelings that went into the song, what a wonderful dog he is.
Jamie Stewart
Katie, I felt the love and wonder in the words, the music. In giving you a gift, VanDyke also gave the REST of us a gift by inspiring your song!
That is a beautiful song!!!!!
This is awesome
Dear Katie---thank you for such a moving song that gives voice to what's in the heart of every puppy-raiser. VanDyke was a special puppy for a special raiser. Thank you.

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